Another Title 42 §1983 Lawsuit

Lori & Katrina of the Phoenix Police

Will be sued in Federal Court

Jan 1, 2003
5:12 p.m.
I called Phoenix Police at 5:12 p.m. to report loud music in unit 134 at:
Warren House East Apartments
2911 E Indian School Road #134
Phoenix, Az

I spoke to

Lori - A4427
She said the Phoenix Police would not help me unless I gave my name. I invoked my 5th Amendment rights and refused to give a name. Lori said the police would not help me.

Next I spoke to Lori's supervisor

Katrina - A2927
Katrina said I had to give the Phoenix Police a name or a phone number or the police would not respond to my call.

I told the bitch I would be suing her and Lori in federal court for violating my civil rights per U.S.C. 42 § 1983

Other Police Officers I am suing for Civil Rights Violations